Mountain Meanderings

Mountain Meanderings

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mutli IFR Flight Test...Post 1

With every phase in life, comes a new challenge. With every new challenge comes a new reward. On April 18th, i passed my Multi IFR flight test. The angst, the sweat, the struggle all built up to one hour of ground questions and 1.5 hours in the air. It almost seems like a dream or a blur looking back on it now. After months of interruptions caused either by mechanical issues, the worst foggy spring the island had seen in years, and my fluctuations in confidence, i was finally preapred for the test. The eve before was a sea of almost eerie calm. I went to my favorite yoga class and lost myself in the music, motion and rhythm of breath. I fell asleep astonishingly early. When the next day broke, I had that familiar flight test feeling... I had done everything that i could to prepare. It came down now to executing everything i had learned...

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